Family Outraged After In-Flight Entertainment System Nearly Took Son's Finger Off

There are tons of things that are terrible about flying, but being in physical danger usually isn't one of them.

Long flights can be full of inconveniences, especially on older planes with malfunctioning parts. Qantas is now coming under fire after an incident in which an in-flight entertainment system fell from the seat and nearly severed a two-year-old boy's finger.

Cameron Dela Cruz was severely injured on a Qantas flight from Manila, Philippines, to Sydney, Australia. The pilot refused to land again in Manila, meaning the Dela Cruz family had to care for the injured boy for more than six hours in the sky.

Fortunately, a surgeon was on board to help them care for the wound. The family is now suing the airline for $200,000, claiming they were in violation of the Montreal Convention. Learn more in the video below.


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