6 Ways The Future Of Health Is Here Now – I Didn’t Even Know #4 Was Possible!

#1 of 6 – Young Blood:

Blood transfusions from young mice into old ones created profound rejuvenating effects. This elixir of life is spawning a whole new field of research into how human aging mechanisms work. Click next to see how 3D printed organs work!

#2 of 6 – 3D Printed Organs:

3D printing has evolved to the point where it now has numerous practical applications. Prosthetic limbs and lab-grown meat may be interesting, but 3D printed live organs are something else altogether. Click next to see how gene therapy works!


#3 of 6 – Gene Therapy:

One way is to edit your DNA to limit insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) to slow the aging process to a halt. The possibilities in this field are endless. Click next to see how stem cell therapies work!


#4 of 6 – Stem Cell Therapy:

Go to a medical tourism destination in Mexico to get your stem cells removed from your bone marrow. They then duplicate them an unlimited amount of times and re-inject them in large quantities so the new youthful cells can repair damage in your body and de-age you. Click next to see how to extend your telomeres!


#5 of 6 – Telomeres:

Lengthen your telomeres by using an enzyme called telomerase. This lets your cells divide indefinitely without aging. Click next to see what we can do with anti-aging drugs!


#6 of 6 – Anti-Aging Drugs:

Google’s Calico project is looking to make simple pills for aging a reality. Many compounds are being tested and condensed into super pills so google can keep us using their products indefinitely. Click next to see more great content!

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