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03 Women In Amazing Dresses Photographed In The Most Breathtaking Places

Meet Kristina Makeeva, a photographic craftsman from Moscow, who likes to change normal into captivated. She acknowledges that women in choice extreme dresses is maybe the most magnificent things on Earth that should be outflanked by women in flawless rich dresses caught against the world's most stunning establishments. So that is really what she does! Kristina adventures all around the globe looking for entrancing spots to put forth uncommon attempts. She by then gets models, dresses them up in outfits meriting a sovereign, and voila! Here are without a doubt the most striking photographs of women in dresses we've ever seen.

Moscow Firework Festival, Russia. Model: Nina
It seems like the model will fly up high into the sky in her light dim dress. She is as flawless as the fabulous fireworks behind her!

Poppy Field, Crimea
The model seems like an excellent little poppy sprout herself! 

Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Nina
Will she fly far out like a stunning butterfly? We acknowledge anything is possible!

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